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Friday, November 8, 2019

ABU BAKR AS SIDIQ - His early life

November 08, 2019 6 Comments
ABU BAKR AS SIDIQ - His early life

ABU BAKR AS SIDIQ - His early life

Abu Bakr was born at Mecca some time in the year 572-573 CE, in the Banu Taim branch of the Quraish tribe. Abu Bakr's father's name was Uthman Abu Quhafa nicknamed Abu Quhafa and his mother was Salma Ummu Al Khair. The birth name of Abu Bakr was Abdul Kaaba (servant of Allah) by Muhammad.

By most reports he was very handsome, citation needed and for his beauty he earned the nickname of Atiq. He was born in a rich family. He spent his early childhood like other Arab children of the time among the Bedouins who called themselves Ahli-Ba'eer the people of the camel., he developed a particular fondness for camels.

In his early years he played with the foal camels and goats and his love for camel earned him the nickname of Abu Bakr, the father of the foal camel. It is said that he didn't worship idols since his youth . When Abu Bakr was 10 years old he went to Syria along with his father with the merchants' caravan. Muhammad, who was 12 years old at the time, was also with the Caravan. Like other children of the rich Meccan Merchant families, he was literate and developed a fandness for poetry.

In 591 at at the age of 18, Abu Bakr went into trade and adopted the profession of a cloth merchant which was the family's business. In the coming years Abu Bakr traveled extensively  with caravans. Business trips took him to Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere.

These travels brought  him wealth and added to his experience. His business flourished and he rose in the scale of social importance. Although his father, Abu Qahafa will still alive, he became to be recognized as chief of his tribe.



Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Power of Allah Who Created Us

October 27, 2019 6 Comments

We will be discussing important issues which you must think hard about

At school, your teachers first teach you the alphabet. Then come numbers and mathematics lessons. But have you ever wondered why you go to school and learn all these?

Most of you will say that these things are essential in order to have a decent profession when you grow up. That means you are almost sure that you will grow up someday. Indeed, the day may come when children around you will start calling you, "Aunt, grandfather or uncle…" in the same way you address your aunt, grandfather, or uncle, right now. In other words, you will one day grow up if Allah has destined you to do so.

However, you won't continue growing old for ever.

Everyone grows old gradually, but when the day comes they leave this world and start a new life in the hereafter. This also holds true for you. After these days of childhood, you may grow into a young man or woman and then even reach the age of your grandparents. Then will come the time when you will start living your life in the hereafter.

You go to school to prepare for the future. It is important for every individual to make these preparations. However, all these efforts are limited to the life of this world only. What about the things you need for your next life? You must prepare for the hereafter as well. Have you ever thought about that?

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When you grow up, you will need to earn your living, which means you must have a profession. This is why you go to school. Likewise, to have a happy life in the hereafter, there are certain things you must do. The foremost of these is immediately to start coming to know Allah, the Exalted, and how our Lord wants us to conduct ourselves.

Here, we will talk about the power of Allah Who created your mother, father, friends, all other people, animals, plants, and in short all living things, the earth, the sun, the moon and the entire universe. We will talk about the might and infinite knowledge of our Lord and what He wants us to do and not to do. Do not forget, these are very important matters, which will benefit you greatly!

You often hear people referring to "Allah." They usually form sentences such as, "May Allah bless you," "If Allah wills," "In sha'Allah," "May Allah forgive you" and so on.

These are the statements that are used when one remembers Allah, prays to Him or exalts Him.

For example, "May Allah protect you" expresses the fact that Allah has infinite power over you and every being—animate or inanimate—around you. It is Allah Who can save you, your mother, father and your friends from evil. For this reason, this phrase is often used when mentioning a natural disaster or similar unwelcome event.

Think for a moment:

Could your mother, father or anyone else you know prevent a natural disaster, for example, a flood? They certainly could not, because only Allah makes such events happen to man and, similarly, only He can prevent them.

The word "insha'Allah" means "if Allah wills."

Therefore, when we say that we are going to do something or not going to do something, it is essential we say, "Insha'Allah." This is because only Allah knows theo future and thus creates it as He wills. Nothing happens except what He wills.

When one of our friends, for instance, says, "I will certainly go to school tomorrow," he or she is making a mistake, because we cannot know what Allah wills him or her to do in the future. Maybe he or she will be sick and unable to go to school, or atrocious weather conditions may suspend classes.

For this reason we say "insha'Allah" when expressing our intentions for the future, and thereby acknowledge that Allah knows everything, that everything happens only by His Will and that we can never know anything beyond what Allah teaches us. This way, we show due respect to our Lord, Who possesses infinite might and knowledge.

In the verses of the Qur'an, Allah informs us that He wants us to say "insha'Allah" (If Allah wills):

Never say about anything, "I am doing that tomorrow," without adding "If Allah wills." Remember your Lord when you forget, and say, "Hopefully my Lord will guide me to something closer to right guidance than this." (Surat al-Kahf: 23-24)

You may not know a lot about these issues, but that is not really important. In order for you to come to know Allah, all you need to do is to look around and think.

Everywhere is full of beauty showing us the attributes of Allah and His infinite might. Think about a lovely white rabbit, the smiling faces of dolphins, the glorious colours of butterfly wings or the blue seas, green forests, various kinds of flowers and the other innumerable beauties in the world. It is Allah Who creates all of these. Allah has created the entire universe you see—the world and the creatures in it—from nothing. Therefore, looking at the beauty that He creates, you can see His infinite might.

It is a fact that our own existence is evidence of Allah's existence. So let us first think about our existence and how Allah has created us so perfectly.

-the end-

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Creation of The Universe

October 27, 2019 2 Comments
Islamic English

Have you ever wondered how the endless universe we live in came into existence? 

How did the enormous Earth, Sun, Moon and stars come into being?

Did you know that the universe is full of many interesting things as well as the Earth, Moon and the Sun? 

Did you know that a very delicate balance exists in the universe that provide exactly the right conditions for life?

Now let's start learning the answers to these questions, and how Allah created the universe!

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Once Upon a Time There Was No Universe?

In ancient times, man's knowledge of space was quite limited. The equipment needed to explore the sky was not as advanced as it is today. Therefore, people sometimes had strange ideas about how the universe originated. The idea that the universe had always existed was the funniest. That is to say, before man had telescopes and instruments to examine the heavens with, some ignorant people suggested that the universe did not have a beginning but had existed for ever and would continue to exist for ever.

However, that was illogical! Your house and school building were built on particular dates. Even the lines you are reading were written at a certain time. Similarly, you, your mother and father have birthdays. That means everything, whether living or non-living, comes into existence at a certain time. Saying, "The universe has no date of origin, because it has always existed" is ridiculous. No one believes that now.

Let us give you an example: on your morning journey to school, imagine that you took a different route and found a statue. What would you think? You would certainly think, "A sculptor made this statue and placed it here," wouldn't you? Well, what would you say if one of your friends said, "No, this statue has always been here; nobody carved it"? You would probably tell him, "Don't be ridiculous! Every work of art has a maker!" Wouldn't you?

Those who claim that the universe has always existed have a more ridiculous way of thinking than your friend who argues that the statue has always been there. A statue is only a piece of sculpted rock, but the universe consists of many heavenly bodies and systems much more delicate and intricate than a piece of rock.

Thanks to astronomical discoveries, the mistaken nature of this assertion that the universe has always existed became obvious. These studies revealed that, like everything else, the universe also had a beginning.

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The first man who proved that the universe had a beginning was the astronomer Edwin Hubble. (Let us remind you that an astronomer is a person who studies space, the stars and galaxies.) Hubble worked with a giant telescope. One day in 1929, he realised that the stars were moving.

These are not ordinary random movements. Stars are continually moving away from us. Furthermore, they are also moving away from each another. A universe in which everything moves away from everything else means a universe that is constantly growing larger.

Not until a hundred years ago did people understand this. Today, all scientists agree that stars are moving away from each other as well as away from Earth.

This movement of the stars is a very important piece of information about the creation of the universe. The fact that the stars are steadily moving away from each other indicates that they were at one time closer together. Scientists computed that 15 billion years ago all the matter in the universe was gathered together in a single point as small as the tip of a needle. Our universe came into being when that tiny point exploded.

Now let us note down one by one what we have seen so far:

- Stars move continually;
- Stars are moving away from us;
- If time could be turned back, we would see stars coming closer together.

This would continue until the entire universe was gathered together at one point.

If we went a little further, this point would also disappear. This means that the universe came into existence from nothing; that is, Allah created it in an instant.

You might get a better idea of what "nothing" means by answering these three simple questions:

1. How old were you one year ago?

You might answer "A year younger."

2.  If you counted your age back year by year, what age would be the last one you would get to?

Your answer would be "one". A year after your birth, you were one year old. At birth, however, you were not old enough to have an age. This could be expressed as "zero age".

3- Think about the year before your first birthday! How old were you then? Where were you?

You should have answered that by saying, "I wasn't around then."

You didn't exist at all before your mother became pregnant.

If we also turned time back for your body, you would see that your body would also disappear at the end of this operation. For every year we went back, your body would become smaller and smaller, until finally you would become a baby in your mother's womb. If this operation were carried still further, you would reach the time when your mother was not yet pregnant.

There was no universe before Allah created it. 

When we rewind time, the universe also becomes younger. It gets smaller until it becomes an insignificant point and finally disappears. All these indicate that the universe has been "created". Meanwhile, let's remind ourselves that we use the word "creation" when we want to explain that something is brought into being from nothing. Only Allah can cause something to exist from nothing. In other words, only Allah can "create" something.

People can also make things that did not exist before. For instance, they can paint pictures. They can build ships. However, the truth is that people can cause something to exist using the materials available in this world and by imitating things already existing in this world. Therefore, we cannot call this "creation". Creation is bringing something into being from nothing without prior examples. Allah has created everything in the universe, including Earth, from nothing.

Man imitates what Allah has already created, even if painting a picture. If we asked you to draw a picture of a landscape on a sheet of paper, what would you draw? Most possibly you would paint the Sun, a mountain, a few green trees, a rainbow and the sea. However, have you ever thought that it would be impossible for you to draw a tree if you had never seen one? Think of a person who is blind from birth. He can only know that the Sun is round and bright, if somebody describes it to him. He can only have an idea about something if he sees it.

As these examples show, only Allah has the power to create something without a prior example. The Qur'an, the Book Allah sent to all humanity as a guide, informs us:

Now, it is time to learn how Allah created the universe. You should be curious to hear how such a great event took place.

-the end-

Reference from website mr adnan

Imagine this!

October 27, 2019 2 Comments
English Task

Have you ever thought about the vastness of the universe in which we live? 

Perhaps you have not given much thought to this subject until now. Even if you have, one can still hardly imagine the huge size of the universe. Let us try to explain how big it really is with an example. What is the biggest width you can think of? The distance from one side of the city you live in to the other may seem pretty big to you.

Alternatively, it may well be that you have travelled all the way from the east to the west of your country and couldn't help but be amazed by how big it was. Some of you might have travelled to distant countries.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind one important fact! Even if you travelled all around the whole world, that would still be too tiny to help you imagine the enormous size of the universe. That is because the size the Earth occupies in the entire universe barely compares to the size of a speck of dust.

This might surprise you, but it is the truth; the planet Earth is only a speck of dust in comparison to the whole universe. Dear children! Now think about our Earth, a tiny speck in this enormous universe. Every day you wake up in your homes on this round ball. The roads that take you to school are also built on it.

Now consider this for a moment! If you put toy cars on top of a ball in your hand, would they be able to stay on it? Certainly not. And yet you spend all your day on this round planet, playing and enjoying yourself with your friends without falling off!

Now, think about the Sun. 

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How could you warm yourselves, and where would your light come from without this yellow ball of fire?

- Would you be able to go swimming and have a dip?
- Would you be able to go on picnics with your family or classmates?

Absolutely not! You wouldn't be able to do any of these things, because without the Sun, there would be no living things on Earth. Not only the plants, trees, birds, insects and the pets that you love so much, but also your mother, father, friends, brothers or sisters and even you yourself would not be around.

These two examples about the Earth and Sun reveal the importance of the heavenly bodies and their features for our lives. We are going to give you plenty of similar interesting examples in this book. It is very exciting to learn about the universe through these examples. You must also share what you learn with your mother, father, family and friends. They will also enjoy learning about these thought-provoking topics.

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you will see that Allah our Creator created our universe and all the creatures in it. You will also see that Allah has created the Sun, Moon and Earth and everything in the universe, so that we could lead our lives most enjoyably and comfortably, and to test us and try us.

Now, let's start our wondrous journey through the universe.


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Islam is not the source of terrorism (Part 3)

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The Bedouin Character in the Qur'an 

In the period of our Prophet, there existed two basic social structures in Arabia. City-dwellers and Bedouins (Desert Arabs). A sophisticated culture prevailed in Arab towns. Commercial relations linked the towns to the outer world, which contributed to the formation of "civilized life" among Arabs dwelling in cities. They had refined aesthetic values, enjoyed literature and, especially poetry. Desert Arabs, on the other hand, were the nomad tribes living in the desert who had a very crude culture. Utterly unaware of arts and literature, they developed an unrefined, harsh character.

Islam was born and developed among the inhabitants of Mecca, the most important city of the peninsula. However, as Islam spread to the peninsula, all tribes in Arabia embraced it. Among these tribes were also Desert Arabs, who were somehow problematic: their poor intellectual and cultural background prevented them from grasping the profundity and noble spirit of Islam. Of this God states the following in a verse:

The Desert Arabs are more obdurate in disbelief and hypocrisy and more likely not to know the limits which God has sent down to His Messenger. God is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (Surat at-Tawba: 97)

The Desert Arabs, that is, social groups who were "obdurate in disbelief and hypocrisy" and prone to disobey God's commands, became a part of the Islamic world in the Prophet's lifetime. In latter periods, they became a source of trouble for the Islamic world.

The sect called "Kharijis" that emerged among Bedouins was an example. The most distinctive trait of this perverse sect (which was called "Kharijis" the rebels because they greatly deviated from Sunni practises), was their extremely vulgar, wild and fanatical nature.

The "Kharijis", who had no comprehension whatsoever of the essence of Islam or of the virtues and the values of the Qur'an, waged war against all other Muslims and based this war on a few Qur'anic verses about which they made distorted interpretations. Furthermore, they carried out "acts of terrorism". Caliph Ali, who was one of the closest companions of the Prophet and was described by him as the "gate of the city of knowledge", was assassinated by a Kharijite.

In latter periods, "Hashashis" (Assassins), another brutal organization, emerged; this was a "terrorist organization" made up of ignorant and fanatical militants bereft of a profound understanding of the essence of Islam and thus who could be readily influenced by simple slogans and promises.
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In other words, just as the Crusaders distorted and misinterpreted Christianity as a teaching of brutality, some perverted groups emerging in the Islamic world misinterpreted Islam and resorted to brutality. What is common to these sects and the Crusaders was their "Bedouin" nature. That is, they were ignorant, unrefined, uncultivated, vulgar, and isolated people. The violence they resorted resulted from this social structure, rather than the religion to which they claimed to adhere.

The Actual Source of Terrorism: The Third World Fanaticism 

These examples from history are enlightening for a better understanding of the phenomenon, the so-called "Islamic terror", which is nowadays on the top of the international agenda. That is because those who emerge and carry out acts of terrorism in the name of Islam or those who back such acts -these people, no doubt, represent a minority in the world of Islam- stem from this "Bedouin character", not from Islam. Failing to understand the essence of Islam, they try to make Islam, essentially a religion of peace and justice, a tool of barbarism, which is simply an outcome of their social and cultural structure. The origin of this barbarism, which may well be called the "Third World Fanaticism", is the benighted initiatives of people who are devoid of love for humans.

It is a fact that, for the last few centuries, Muslims in all corners of the Islamic world, are being subjected to violence by Western forces and their affiliates. The colonialist European states, local oppressive regimes or colonialists backed by the West (Israel, for instance) caused great suffering for Muslims at large. However, for Muslims, this is a situation that has to be approached and responded to from a purely Qur'anic stance.

In no part of the Qur'an does God command believers to "respond to violence with violence". On the contrary, God commands Muslims to "respond to evil with goodness":

A good action and a bad action are not the same. Repel the bad with something better and, if there is enmity between you and someone else, he will be like a bosom friend. (Surat al-Fussilat: 34)

It is no doubt a legitimate right of Muslims to react against cruelty. However, these reactions should never turn into a blind hatred, an unjust enmity. God warns about this in the following verse: "... Do not let hatred for a people who debar you from the Masjid al-Haram incite you into going beyond the limits. Help each other to goodness and heedfulness. Do not help each other to wrongdoing and enmity. Heed God Allah (alone)..." (Surat al-Ma'ida: 2)

Consequently, carrying out terrorist acts under the pretence of "representing the oppressed nations of the world", against the innocent people of other nations is by no means compatible with Islam.

Another point that deserves a special mention here is that all the Western world cannot be held responsible for the aforementioned colonialist (or "neo-colonialist) violence and oppression against Muslims.

Actually, the materialist, irreligious philosophies and ideologies that prevailed in the 19th century are responsible for these dismal acts. European colonialism did not originate from Christianity.

On the contrary, anti-religious movements opposing the values of Christianity led the way to colonialism. At the roots of the greatest brutalities of the 19th century lies the Social Darwinist ideology.

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In the Western world today, there are still cruel, mischievous and opposing elements as well as a culture dominated by peaceful and just elements that have its roots in Judeo-Christian faith. As a matter of fact, the main disagreement is not between the West and Islam.

Contrary to the general opinion, it is between the religious people of the West and of the Muslim world on the one hand, and the people opposing religion (like materialists and atheists.) on the other.

Another indication that Third World Fanaticism has nothing to do with Islam is that, until recently, this fanaticism has been identified with communist ideology. As is known, similar anti-Western acts of terror were carried out in 1960s and 70s by Soviet-backed communist organizations. As the impact of the communist ideology faded, some of the social structures which gave birth to communist organizations have turned their attention to Islam.

This "brutality presented under the guise of religion", which is formulated by the incorporation of some Islamic concepts and symbols into the former communist rhetoric are entirely against the moral values constituting the essence of Islam.

A last remark about this issue is that Islam is not peculiar to a particular nation or geography. Contrary to the dominant Western perception, Islam is not an "Eastern culture". Islam is the last religion revealed to mankind as a guide to the true path that recommends itself to all humanity. Muslims are responsible for communicating the true religion they believe in to all people of all nations and cultures and making them feel closer to Islam.

Consequently, there is a unique solution for people and groups who, in the name of Islam, resort to terror or establish oppressive regimes and turn this world into a dreadful place instead of beautifying it: revealing the true Islam and communicating it so that the masses can understand and live by it.

Conclusion: Recommendations to the Western World 

Today, the Western world is concerned about the organizations that use terror under the guise of Islam and this concern is not misplaced. It is obvious that those carrying out terror and their supporters should be punished according to international judicial criteria. However, a more important point to consider is the long-term strategies that have to be pursued for viable solutions to these problems.

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The assessments above reveal that terror has no place in Islam. They further show the inherently contradictory nature of the concept of "Islamic terror". This provides us with an important vantage point:

1) The Western world, especially the United States, will surely take the most dissuasive measures to cope with terror and it has the right to do that. However, it has to state explicitly that this is not a war waged against Islam and Muslims but, on the contrary, a measure serving the best interests of Islam. The "Clash of civilizations", the dangerous scenario envisioned in the 90's should be at all costs prevented.

2) Support should be provided for the spread of "True Islam", which is a religion of love, friendship, peace and brotherhood, and for its true understanding by Islamic societies.The solution for radical factions in Islamic countries should not be "forced secularization". On the contrary, such a policy will incite more reaction from the masses and feed radicalism. The solution is the dissemination of true Islam and the appearance of a Muslim role-model who embraces Qur'anic values such as human rights, democracy, freedom, good morals, science and aesthetics, and who offers happiness and bliss to humanity.

3) The source of terrorism is ignorance and bigotry and the solution is education. To the circles who feel sympathy with terror, it should be said that terror is utterly against Islam, that terror only does harm to Islam, Muslims and to humanity at large. Besides, these people have to be provided with education in order to be purified of this barbarism. The United States' support to such an education policy will yield very positive results.

Our hope is that these measures will help to the world get rid of terrorism and all other bigoted, brutal, barbarous structures. With its Christian-dominated culture and population, the United States, which defines itself as "a nation under God", is in fact a real friend of the Muslims. In the Qur'an, God draws attention to this fact and informs us that Christians are those who are "most affectionate to those who believe". (Surat al-Ma'ida: 82)

In history, some ignorant people (for instance, Crusaders) failed to understand this fact and caused conflicts between these two great religions. To prevent the repetition of this scenario, true Christians and Muslims need to come together and co-operate.

Website The Master, Harun Yahya